Eclipse is an X11 window manager written entirely in Common Lisp.

Originally created by a group of students of the 4th year CS program in Bordeaux as part of their their second-semester programming project, it's now being developed further as a free software application.


Depends on: CLX, alexandria


License: GPL

Quick assessment (2024-07-01)

For CCL, the first step in the build process would be something like this:

./configure --with-load-switch="--load" \
            --with-eval-switch="--eval" \
            --with-lisp="/usr/local/bin/ccl" \
            --with-core-switch="--image-name" \
            --with-save-lisp="ccl:save-application" \
            --with-lisp-system=":ccl" \

Of course, then you have to write an implementation-dependent layer for CCL.