Important: I have decided to not develop Jabberwocky any further, if minor bugs are discovered, I'm prepared to solve them however. If anyone feels the need to take over the project, feel free to send me a message (I've corrected my e-mail address) and I will happely handle over the project.

Jabberwocky was an IDE for LISP, which contains the following components:
  • A Lisp-aware editor (syntax coloring, parentheses matching, indentation, source analyzer, ...).
  • A source level debugger (based on lispdebug) which works by instrumentation.
  • A project explorer to manage your sources.
  • A interaction buffer to interact with the Lisp system
The following Lisp implementations are supported: The releases of Jabberwocky have branched into a stable branch (releases 1.0.x) and a development (or unstable) branch (releases 2.0.x). The current development release contains support for Allegro CL and SBCL. Support for GCL will be added in the near future (when I manage to get it compiled on my machine). There is a list of planned features available at the Jabberwocky Home Page.

Jabberwocky runs on:

  • Linux (CLISP and CMUCL supported)
  • Windows 9x, ME, NT, 2000, or XP (only CLISP is supported)
  • Other UNIXes: the Jabberwocky user interface is Java-based; so it should run on every UNIX which has the correct JRE or SDK)
The user interface is written in Java.
  • J2SE 1.4 JRE or higher is required for the binary version (1.4.1 is preferred)
  • J2SE 1.4 SDK or higher is required for the source version (1.4.1 is preferred)
Version 1.0 of Jabberwocky has been released, If you find a bug please e-mail a bug report to Marc Mertens.

You can find Jabberwocky at the Jabberwocky Home Page.

Marc Mertens