Regular Expression
Regular Expression (regexp) libraries

  • cl-irregsexp - A fast regular expression library with a lispy alternative to traditional syntax for text matching
  • cl-ppcre - A portable, Perl-compatible regular expression library by Edi Weitz
  • cl-string-match - Provides substring (subsequence) search and text processing algorithms implementations including regular expression, prefix/suffix tree data structures, etc
  • lol-re - Tiny wrapper around CL-PPCRE, inspired by #~M and #~S read-macro from Let Over Lambda, making use of regular expressions more perly
  • pregexp - Portable Regular Expressions for Scheme and Common Lisp
  • re - The re package is a small, portable, lightweight, and quick, regular expression library for Common Lisp
  • recursive-regex - A library to extend CL-PPCRE to make regular expression named capture groups dispatch to custom matcher functions and named-expression patterns
  • Regex - Regex is a full-featured regular expression compiler and matching engine written by Michael Parker
  • regex (library by asciian) - A relatively incomplete (as of Jan 2018) relatively concise backtracking POSIX compatible regular expression library
  • terse-ppcre - TERSE-PPCRE aims to make manipulating CL-PPCRE regular expression parse trees easier and more succinct
  • The Regex Coach - A graphical Common Lisp application which can be used to experiment with (Perl-compatible) regular expressions interactively