GTK binding
This page lists Common Lisp bindings for the GTK GUI toolkit.

A few comments by JCh:

  • cl-gtk2 seems to be latest and active as of Sept 2009.
  • clg is possibly the nicest of the lot. It's complete (autogenerated) and very lisp-ish (GTK classes are represented as instances of a subclass of standard-class, you just make-instance them); unfortunately, it currently only works with recent versions of CMUCL and SBCL;
  • lambda-gtk is complete (autogenerated), but not very lispish; GTK objects are just untyped alien pointers (the Lisp incarnation of C's void*);
  • lgtk is lispish enough, but incomplete (it's hand-written);
  • I haven't looked at cl-gtk.

Another note: Clozure CL ships with gtk2 support in the form of a simple autogenerated binding (through the same ffi interface used for all native Clozure bindings). It's not lispy at all, but it works (you might want/have to re-run the binding generation script though). It should also bring in support for cairo, pango, etc.