cl-cffi-gtk is a Lisp binding to GTK+ 3 which is a library for creating graphical user interfaces.

cl-cffi-gtk is licensed using the LGPL which has been adopted with a preamble that clarifies the terms for use with Lisp programs and is referred as the LLGPL. This work is based on the cl-gtk2 library which has been developed by Kalyanov Dmitry and already is a fairly complete Lisp binding to GTK+ 2.

The focus of this work is to document the library more complete and to do the implementation as consistent and complete as possible. Most informations about GTK+ can be gained by reading the C documentation. Therefore, the C documentation from The GTK+ Project is included into the Lisp files to document the Lisp binding to the GTK+ library. This documentation is also available online at cl-cffi-gtk API documentation.

At this time, the library is developed and tested with SBCL 1.1.9 and GTK+ 3.6.4 on a Linux system. Furthermore, the following libraries GLIB 2.36.0, Pango 1.32.5, and Cairo 1.12.4 are loaded.

Examples of the usage are included in a gtk-demo and tutorial examples. Start with the tutorial available online at GTK+ 3 Tutorial for Lisp to learn how to use the library. Some more information and a gallery are available from the project website cl-cffi-gtk Project.

The latest version is available from the repository at Github.

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