Packages that help with CL/Java integration:

  • ABCL - Armed Bear Common Lisp (aka ABCL) is a Common Lisp implementation that runs on a Java Virtual Machine; ABCL 1.5.0 was released on June 11, 2017
  • abcl-jazz - Code examples on to call the Java Swing API under ABCL to program GUIs
  • cloak - cloak is an experimental implementation of the JVM for SBCL on Linux/x86
  • CLplusJ - CL+J is an exact, safe and complete Common Lisp interface to Java through JNI
  • Foil - Foil (Foreign Object Interface for Lisp) consists of a protocol and a set of libraries that facilitate access to popular object runtimes, such as the JVM (Java) and the CLI/CLR (dotNET), and their libraries, from Lisp
  • JACOL - The JACOL system can be used to link Java and Common Lisp applications
  • Jatha - Jatha is a Java library that implements a fairly large subset of Common LISP, including most of the datatypes (e.g
  • jfli - jfli provides comprehensive, safe, dynamic and Lisp-y access to Java and Java libraries as if they were Lisp libraries, for use in Lisp programs, i.e
  • jss - jss is an extension for ABCL that makes it easier for me(AlanRuttenberg) to write lisp code that calls java libraries
  • LIJOS - The LIJOS system is a Lisp Implementation of the Java ObjectStream
  • LinJ - Linj is a Common Lisp-like language that tries to be as similar to
  • Lisplets - Lisplets are Java Servlets that forward their requests, and gather their response headers, using s-expressions over sockets
  • snow - Snow is a GUI description language for Java and Common Lisp, currently supporting the Swing UI library