Artistic License
A free software license. The OSI recommends that all developers and projects licensing their products with the Artistic License adopt Artistic License 2.0.

  • Clamp - Common Lisp with Arc macros and procedures
  • deeds - Deeds is an Extensible Event Delivery System
  • Modularize - Modularize is an attempt at providing a common interface to segregate major application components
  • parachute - Parachute is a simple-to-use and extensible testing framework with compatibility layers to other test frameworks
  • pathname-utils - This is a collection of common tests and operations to help handling pathnames
  • ubiquitous - Ubiquitous is a very easy-to-use library for persistent configuration storage
  • Universal-Config - This library tries to provide a layer for configuration files and storage that should be able to map any type of object to any configuration format and back