Modularize is an attempt at providing a common interface to segregate major application components. This is achieved by adding special treatment to packages. Each module is a package that is specially registered, which allows it to interact and co-exist with other modules in better ways. For instance, by adding module definition options you can introduce mechanisms to tie modules together in functionality, hook into each other and so on.

The project can be found on github including a fully documented symbol index and a getting started tutorial.
As of August 2014, Modularize is available on Quicklisp.

Modularize is licensed under the Artistic License 2.0.

Modularize Extensions

  • Modularize-Hooks - This is a simple extension to Modularize that allows modules to define and trigger hooks, which other modules can hook on to
  • Modularize-Interfaces - This is an extension to Modularize that allows your application to define interfaces in-code that serve both as a primary documentation and as compliance control

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