Geospatial (e.g. GIS) software is (loosely) that which deals with geographic data. (c.f. Geographic information system at Wikipedia)

  • cl-ewkb - cl-ewkb is a geospatial library based on cl-wkb, supports PostGIS EWKB format (3d, 4d, embedded SRID extensions)
  • cl-gpx - cl-gpx is a library to work with the GPX (the GPS Exchange Format) GPS XML file format
  • cl-proj - cl-proj is a geospatial library that provides CFFI-based Common Lisp bindings for the Proj.4 geographic projections library
  • geocoder - Convert place names to geodesic coordinates and vice versa through OpenStreetMap
  • geohash - Geohash is a Common Lisp implementation of the latitude/longitude geocoding system invented by
  • utm - utm is a geospatial library for converting latitude and longitude into UTM coordinates and vice-versa