CL-Famix is a model extractor application, that extract FAMIX-Lisp compliant models from Lisp systems. CL-Famix receives as entry the directory of the project and produces a FAMIX-Lisp compliant model of the system, which can be exported in the MSE format.

The FAMIX-Lisp meta-model is an extension of the FAMIX meta-model. The FAMIX-Lisp meta-model extends the FAMIX meta-model with capabilities to model Lisp systems by adding some new entities, like Macros and CLOS entities.

CL-Famix is not a toy implementation; it was successfully applied for extracting models from an important number of real-world systems ranging in size from 5KLOC to large-scale systems of 350KLOC.

The Lisp models extracted with cl-famix can be imported and analyzed with the MoosLi plugin for the Moose re-engineering environment.

CL-Famix has been developed by Adrian Dozsa in 2007 as a validation of his diploma thesis, Reverse Engineering Techniques for Lisp Systems.

Compatible/tested implementations: LispWorks

Download: cl-famix-0.1.tar.gz

BSD license