Privacy Statement
In normal operation, CLiki and the webserver it runs on will collect information about the people browsing and contributing to it. This information includes

  • Server logs collected by apache (see Combined Log Format on the Apache site)
    Aggregated reports of this activity are made available to browsers on the CLiki Statistics page. Individual log entries will usually not be, except as required for law enforcement purposes.

  • Text that you provide when editing or adding pages to CLiki. This is - obviously - not private. Please note that no authentication of users is done, so there is no sure way to identify who added what to which page.


By submitting information to CLiki, you grant a licence to all present and future CLiki readers and contributors to use, delete, modify and redistribute your text, and to redistribute modified versions of your text. You also agree that the text you are providing is free from any legal encumbrance such as possible copyright or patent claims by a third party.

Please note that any legal claims against CLiki will likely result in the site being closed down entirely.