Jochen Schmidt
Jochen Schmidt is a Person, self called "Codeartist" and author. He was the maintainer of a Lisp page known as "Dataheaven". Born 1978 in Germany, Rothenburg o. d. T. he lives now in Nuremberg.

Jochen feels somewhat responsible for founding projects like the portable branch of aserve, the compatibility layer acl-compat, the CLIM IRC Client WeirdIRC (which is the root of the IRC library cl-irc) and his newest brain-child an E-Mail Library called mel-base and a CLIM mail reader built on top of it called Mel.

He has written several articles about Common Lisp in a German Magazine for software developers (Toolbox).

Jochen enjoys to read fantasy and SF books in freetime - particularily from authors like Robert N Charette, Carl Sargent,David Eddings, William Gibson and Neal Stephenson, Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams.

His IRC Nick on Freenode's #lisp channel is "Neonsquare". He has a website for his projects and a weblog at More information on Jochen Schmidt can be found at his About Me page.

Jochen's GPG Key

Where would one find the library to manage MP3s, then? I intend to build something on it (-: -- Andreas Fuchs
Answer: On my harddisk ;-) Jochen Schmidt Update: Not anymore I fear... Jochen Schmidt