The "Data Touring Machine" is a small, simple and powerful data analysis and plotting application, that generates postscript output. It is distributed with the GPL. Datoura handles data table loading and manipulation (csv-import, subsetting, grouping, statistics). The graphics and plot routines handle sequences as input data, so you don't need to load your data into any custom data structures to use them. Datoura can handle plots of ~1 million data points fairly quickly,

The command style is borrowed from Mathematica and postscript with a set of "graphics primitives" such as points, lines, circles, polygons and "postscript-directives" which pass commands through directly to the postscript interpreter.

Plots such as histogram, scatter-plot, profile, function-plot and parametric-plot are generated from "graphics primitives". Plots can be superimposed with proper axis-handling.

Datoura was written in Clisp and was tested in GCL. It should work in any common lisp implementation.

Written by Steve Eichblatt. See the new Datoura Homepage for screenshots, documentation and source code.
Note that while I am hosting the Datoura page, I do not have much time to work on it.-- Roland Kaufmann

An asdf-installable version can be found here.