Daniel Barlow
Daniel Barlow is a Person, using the term in a fairly broad sense. He prefers Linux (but will settle for GNU/Linux), Common Lisp, and SBCL. He was originally culpable for much of this CLiki thing, but thankfully it snowballed and these days he's not involved with it except as a user.

Past interests have included:

  • SBCL: Threading and AMD64 ports. Previously also Alpha and PPC ports, the contrib system, and random other stuff mostly pertaining to low-level and backend stuff. See the SBCL Internals CLiki site
  • Araneida: the web server this all runs on
  • asdf: A System Definition Facility
  • detachtty: run persistent CL (or any other) processes in a detachable way, reattach to them using ssh across the network

He has a web site/blog thing at www.coruskate.net. Although having been pretty much uninvolved with Lisp for the last few years (this comment dated June 2007) he recently got a job that uses it so is around again a little more these days.

Conferences etc