CLiCC is a Common Lisp to C Compiler, last released 1995. It generates C executables or modules from Common Lisp application programs. CLiCC is intended to be used as an addon to existing Common Lisp systems for generating portable applications. CLiCC supports a strict and very large subset, called CL0 (Common Lisp0), of Common Lisp + CLOS.

Note: CLiCC is not actively developed. ECL is an active and supported Common Lisp to C compiler.

A similar and slightly more up to date (last update in 2004) CL to C translator is Thinlisp.

CLiCC is not a Common Lisp implementation. The generated C code, although human-readable, is not primarily intended to be maintainable in C, hence, CLiCC is not a translator. The target language is a subset of C. CLiCC is adaptable to generate ANSI or K&R C. A standard C compiler, e.g. GNU gcc, can be used on the target machine to generate standalone executables or linkable modules.


License: GPL