xindy is an index processor that can be used to generate book-like indexes for arbitrary document preparation systems. This includes systems such as TeX and LaTeX, the roff-family, SGML/XML-based systems (e.g., HTML) that process some kind of text and generate indexing information. The kernel system is not fixed to any specific system, but can be configured to work together with such systems.

xindy consists of (1) a run time engine, made up of a Common Lisp system with xindy-specific plugins, (2) Common Lisp code that makes up the xindy kernel, and (3) xindy modules.

To create the xindy run time engine, one needs to integrate the plugins into a Common Lisp system. We did this for CLISP, the result is in the binary distributions or in the platform-specific archives of older releases.

Then, the xindy kernel source code is compiled, and a final executable is created. In the case of CLISP, the executable consists of two files, a virtual machine and a memory image.


License: GPL