I am a full-stack developer, a Pythonista turned Lisper, currently self-employed and I use CL apps in production. Scripts that run hunder the hood (connect to FTP servers, download and parse XML, provide a database) as well as web apps. Learning CL was not a smooth sailing, so I decided to make it easier for my future self. I contributed and continue to contribute tutorials on the Common Lisp Cookbook, I furnish the awesome-cl list, I write on my blog ( and, last but not least, I created and still work on a Common Lisp course in video which is to me, so far, the easiest and fastest way to learn Common Lisp today. You can view the full table of content there as well as on its GitHub repository. The course is on the Udemy platform, so under a paywall (the introductory videos of each chapter are in the open). Thank you for your support!

You can see my projects on GitHub and Gitlab.

I have a handful of videos on Youtube:

Current goals: write about and work on web development in Common Lisp.

Mastodon and Twitter: @vindarel.