CFFI is recommended as the replacement for UFFI.

UFFI is the Common Lisp "Universal Foreign Function Interface" (FFI) package.

The primary testing and development systems are:

  • Allegro CL (ACL) v6.2 (Linux and Windows)
  • Lispworks v4.2 (Linux and Windows)
  • CMUCL v18e(Linux)
  • SBCL 0.8.0 (Linux)
  • SCL 1.1 (Linux)
  • OpenMCL 0.13
  • MCL 4.3 (MacOS)

Implementations including a foreign function interface compatible to UFFI are:

CLISP support is still not yet within the UFFI distribution, but an independent file is available from Sourceforge's Patches section. It's good enough to run CLSQL with PostgreSQL and most of CL-SDL.

Maybe better way to use uffi with CLisp is to use CFFI and its cffi-uffi-compat system. I tested it with CLSQL and it works fine. -- Marko Kocic

UFFI is included in the Debian distributions of sarge and sid and Gentoo.

There is experimental UFFI support in SWIG.