fare-mop has a few simple utilities relying on the MOP. It depends on CLOSER-MOP for portable MOP access.

The main utilities are:

SIMPLE-PRINT-OBJECT-MIXIN class mixin to give you a useful PRINT-OBJECT method for free

SIMPLE-PRINT-OBJECT a simple PRINT-OBJECT function you can use it without the mixin (useful when you don't want to change the class hierarchy of some library you're using, but still want to simply inspect objects and/or define a PRINT-OBJECT method on them).

COLLECT-SLOTS a utility used by the above function, to collect a p-list describing the slots bound in an object

SLOTS-TO-PRINT a way to customize which slots get printed by SIMPLE-PRINT-OBJECT-MIXIN

Other utilities include:

REMAKE-OBJECT a utility for "copying" objects by calling make-instance with the "same" initialization arguments as an original objects, plus overriding keyword arguments. Useful for experimenting with a pure functional OO style. Not for use where performance is important.

See documentation strings for details.