SimpleAudioPlayer is a simple audio player library for windows which utilizes DirectShow.

The library has Common Lisp interface, cl-sap

Source code is available on Github.

Usage example:

(defparameter *url* "") (defparameter *player* (make-instance 'cl-sap:simple-audio-player :autoplay t :callback (lambda (sap state) (declare (ignore sap)) (format t "New state: ~:(~a~)~%" state)))) ;; Initialize COM runtime on current thread (cl-sap:sap-init-com) ;; set player source. :autoplay initarg forces player to start playback automatically on successful media opening (setf (cl-sap:sap-source *player*) *url*) ;; observe "New state: Playing" on stdout and listen the audio ;; ...wait for audio playback completion (cl-sap:sap-wait *player*)

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