cl-pdf.arglists improves the argument lists of CL-PDF and cl-typesetting, for easier interactive development. No more wondering which arguments are valid where!

For instance, it will turn

(with-document (&rest args &key (max-number-of-pages 'pdf:*max-number-of-pages*) &allow-other-keys) &body body)
(with-document (&rest args &key (max-number-of-pages 'pdf:*max-number-of-pages*) empty mode layout (creator "") author title subject keywords &allow-other-keys) &body body)
(paragraph (&rest style) &body body)
into a vastly more helpful
(paragraph (&rest style &key font font-size text-x-scale color background-color h-align left-margin right-margin pre-decoration post-decoration leading-ratio) &body body)

Arglist setting is currently limited to SBCL and Clisp.

Topics: convenience library, document preparation