cl-menusystem is a library for making pretty menus for controlling an application and editing the multitude of special variables which invariably exist to control an app's settings. This page reflects the 2003-09-19 release. Also see the project page.

Development is at, and a new release will accompany the first release of system-menu.

There's an example page there which shows a simple menu definition and an example of using it in practice.


  • CLOS-based and should be suitable for multiple backends (right now only a simple terminal backend exists)
  • Allows menu-based control of programs, which makes it much easier to give demos
  • Uses restarts for all exits from a menu, which allows exits to a prior level of menu that's not the immediate parent
  • Uses ASDF

Other stuff: I've put it in the public domain, just so it can be used as broadly as possible.

To be done:

  • Continue to flesh out preferences editing for more types of settings
  • CLIM backend

console configuration