cl-collider is an interface to the SuperCollider audio synthesis server. It includes a scheduler, functionality for defining synths, objects for most of the standard unit generators, and various other features to allow access to the server's capabilities from Lisp. It is Public Domain.

SuperCollider is often used for composition and performance of electronic and experimental music, as it includes a wide variety of oscillators, filters, analyzers, and other signal processing utilities. In addition to the server itself (scsynth) which does the work of generating and processing sound, SuperCollider also comes with its own Smalltalk-like language (sclang) and its own IDE (scide) which can be used to control and sequence the server. The language includes a range of features for expressing a multitude of musical and non-musical tasks in a variety of ways. Most of these tasks can also be accomplished in Lisp, either with cl-collider itself, or using another library.

Related libraries

  • sc-extensions - Library of various additional functionality, from the cl-collider main author.
  • cl-patterns - Sequencing and other control functionality, inspired by SuperCollider's Patterns and other live coding systems.

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