cl-bench is a benchmarking toolkit produced by Eric Mardsen. Some recent work has been done by Daniel KochmaƄski to make it easier to load on various systems. Currently system may be acquired from repository on


Some Common Lisp performance benchmarking code. Includes the Gabriel benchmarks, mathematical functions, bignum-intensive operations, CLOS test, hashtable exercising, read-line exercising, various operations on arrays, strings and bitvectors, and performance-intensive kernels such as CRC and DEFLATE. Updated 2004-08-02.

-- '+', August 9, 2006

It has been reported that cl-bench was used to produce the SBCL benchmarking graphs at

cl-bench may be downloaded [link] and is referenced in the downloads page, in Mardsen's site at

Related Work

Gabriel's Lisp Benchmarking Suite is available via the CMU AI Repository