YstokGrid is a tabular data GUI widget based on the CAPI library for LispWorks. It is maintained by Dmitri Ivanov.

YstokGrid, or YGrid for short, is distributed under a LLGPL.

Homepage: http://lisp.ystok.ru/ygrid/.

YGrid was developed under LispWorks 4.2-4.4 and 5.0 for Windows. Compatibility with Linux or Mac OS X must not be of much effort due to code conditionalized with the :win32 feature.


YGrid provides convenient GUI environment for working with data in tabular form. The main design purpose was to present RDBMS records in rows. With YGrid, you can edit in place, add, or delete records. YGrid can be included into any CAPI interface window as an ordinary pane.

Basic Features

  • Text display, text input, and check button columns.
  • Enabled or read-only columns.
  • Ghost columns, i.e. calculated from the values of other columns.
  • Callbacks on interactive user actions.
  • Selecting rows with various styles of choice-interaction via a row header.
  • Column width and row height changeable via a mouse gesture or programmatically.
  • Assigning graphics args (foreground or background color, font etc.) to every cell differentially.
  • Sorting and filtering rows.
  • Searching a single column via a kind of "Find what" dialog.
  • Undo editing performed on cell or entire record.

Text Column Features

  • Rendering static text.
  • Number and currency format localization; automatic initialization of locale-specific parameters on Windows.
  • Horizontal alignment: left, center, or right.
  • Wrapping text automatically.

Text Input Column Features (additional to static text)

  • Customizable print-function, read and write converters.
  • Full-fledged capi:editor-pane used for editing cell values.

Check Column Features

  • Boolean or triple state check boxes.
  • Toggling via mouse or keyboard.