Robert Smith
Robert Smith is a Person who programs in Common Lisp as a hobby and professionally.

His website is here which has a blog, usually about Lisp.

He has written many libraries, big and small, including

  • cl-permutation
  • cl-young-tableaux
  • cl-continued-fraction
  • cl-gap-buffer
  • cl-string-complete
  • cl-stopwatch
  • qtility
  • cl-generic-arithmetic
  • recur
  • letrec

and more, which can be found on BitBucket here and here. Some of them are Quicklispable. He also maintains COMPUTABLE-REALS.

Robert Smith owns two Lisp Machines and enjoys occasional hacking on them.

He can be contacted by putting the concatenation ofstrings "quad", "@", "symbo1ics", and ".com" into your mail program.