Reini Urban

Ran the AcadWiki.

Does some Common Lisp on Corman Lisp and clisp (Win32), formerly mostly AutoLisp. Does also maintain phpwiki and a lot of cygwin (e.g. clisp, scsh, postgresql, ...) and some perl modules.
Ran a constantly swapping cl-http webserver on CMUCL on a 386dx with 8MB RAM.

Some people linked to his ffi survey.

He is no Person in the CLiki Content sense.

His response to The Road to Lisp Survey:

When did you first try Lisp seriously, and which Lisp family member was it?
Autocad AutoLISP in 1984 or so.

What led you to try Lisp?
Autocad AutoLISP

Where did your road originate?

Basic, Pascal, C and Prolog.

How far have you gotten in your study of Lisp?

Master in AutoLisp (faq author and stdlib maintainer), for the others just lurker. Wrote some (X)Emacs modules. Read and know all books, did some patches for Corman Lisp. Installed all other lisps.

What do you think of Lisp so far?

Truly the best language, but the libraries are hard to install and get used to. I still work with perl, php and C most of my time.

Switch Date 1980s
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