Hello, I'm Pupeno. Some people would not consider that name real, for me, it's as real as it can be, I've been using it for years, people call me like that, I feel it like my name and it won't change. My official name is "José Pablo Ezequiel Fernández" on Argentina and "José Pablo Fernández Silva" on Spain/Europe (this difference is due to country rules), you can read more about my name if you want.

I've started using Lisp very recently and I can't believe I was using other programming languages before, I don't want to go back. As I learn more and use it more, this page will grow, for now I can say that I like using Slime and my priorities are web programming, for which I'm choosing UCW. I'm also interested in GUI programming (I come from the KDE world) for which I'd use McClim.

I recently started using Kubuntu (sorry Gentoo users) and since it doesn't provide the Lisp packages I want, I started to make them, you can find the announcement on my blog. In short, to use it, type:

deb http://packages.pupeno.com/ubuntu/hoary ./
in your sources.list.

My web site is at http://pupeno.com/.