Other CLikis
If you're running a web site based on CLiki, feel free to add a link to it here

  • The *hyper-cliki* is a wiki for Lisp programmers. It contains an entire Common Lisp Reference, in the spirit of the annotatable references that exist online for other popular languages. But i'd eventually like to see it morph into a comprehensive repository of lisp "patterns", macros, FAQs, Tips, Tricks, and whatever else seems to fit.
  • The Tunes Project Wiki (a.k.a CTO) NOTE: Site has converted to MediaWiki
  • The Association of Lisp Users have a CLiki-based site mostly used for local Lisp user groups to co-ordinate on
  • The MCL Digitool DigiCliki. A site for discussion about MCL. NOTE: Offline?
  • http://lisp.no/ is a CLiki for the Norwegian Common Lisp community.