Jörg Höhle
I learnt Lisp in pure theory from a few articles in the french edition of Scientific American, while at school, in the beginning of the eighties. It's only several years later that I put hands on a Lisp system, on a Commodore-64 first, later at university on a PDP-10, Symbolics machines, and on Sun and HP/UX with AKCL and Franz.

I've been using CMUCL and CLISP a lot. Actually, I participated in CLISP development since 1992 (or was it 1993?). Mostly visible are Amiga-CLISP and footprints in various dark corners of CMUCL, CLISP and Oaklisp.

I like programming language research. As such, I've read a lot on various related topics (GC, varying Scheme implementations, compiler techniques, partial evaluation) and I'm fond of several programming languages -- that I however barely use, but they all provide very interesting food for thought: Oaklisp, Erlang, n Schemes, Gofer and Haskell, OCaml, Icon, Python, Forth, Smalltalk, Ada, SDL, VDM-SL (a functional specification language).

I also know C quite well, having hacked CLISP internals for years, just in case you wonder :-) But don't come to me with C++ problems. I do software-reviews (professionaly) and will tear a lot of "professional" code down.

I'm interested in software-design and usability. I like to share ideas about these topics with any other Person. Some Lisp-related areas:

  • HTML-template is a somewhat unusual way to separate programmer and designer in the area of X|HT|ML document generation with interesting features.

You can reach me via hoehle at users.sourceforge.net