This library is obsolete and should not be used. The page is left only as historical reference

A POSIX FFI and groveler mostly geared towards Unix. It is built on top of CFFI.

Its purpose is to be as faithful to POSIX as possible i.e. a one-to-one mapping between the foreign functions and the Lisp ones; if that's not possible or undesirable wrapper functions are provided instead, for example ioctl(), fcntl() and *stat() are wrapped.

It also contains a foreign function groveler: IOlib-Grovel (formerly CFFI-Grovel).

Licence: MIT

Dependencies: asdf-additions and CFFI

CL implementations on which IOlib-POSIX has been tested: SBCL, CMUCL and CLISP. Probably it works on any implementation supported by CFFI that has :long-long.