Fract is a web-based fractal zoomer for the Mandelbrot Set. It's using poly-pen for rendering and Araneida for the web support. There are no advanced features, the goal is to keep the code easy to read for someone interested in fractals. The package also includes an offline renderer that you can use to generate hi resolution images of your favorite spots. You can also play easily with the color map.

The latest stable version is 0.5.19 (fract-0.5.19.tar.gz). It depends on poly-pen, cl-ppcre, and clsql. This is the complete Web and REPL interface and is it not known to be easy to setup. If the only thing you want is to produce cute images and animations, most of the engine was factored out as Mini-Fract 0.6 (mini-fract-0.6.tar.gz). This is a stand alone Common Lisp program; it should be easy to install.

License: GPL

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