Documentation Tool
There are a number of tools to extract information from (possibly marked up) Common Lisp source code available:

  • ADP - Add Documentation, Please is a library for literate programming and semi-automatic API generation
  • Albert - Albert is a Common Lisp doc-generator, comparable to Javadoc and Doxygen
  • argdoc - simple package documentation library for common lisp
  • atdoc - Atdoc generates documentation for Common Lisp packages
  • CL-API - CL-API is a documentation tool that generates an API in HTML format, given a package name and reading docstrings
  • cl-docweaver - A document weaver for Common Lisp
  • cl-gendoc - cl-gendoc is a simple but flexible modular document generator for Common Lisp
  • CLDOC - CLDOC reads lisp source files and generates documentation using the selected output driver
  • clod - CLOD is a Common Lisp doc-generator, similar to Albert, Cldoc and so on
  • Declt - Declt (pronounce "dec'let") is a reference manual generator for
  • docudown - Docudown is a Lisp documentation tool built on top of CL-Markdown
  • documentation-template - documentation-template is a documentation tool that automatically produces HTML documentation from the exported symbols of a package
  • helambdap - HEΛP ("HELP") is yet another CL code documentation utility, which has been inspired by JavaDoc and doxygen
  • hyperdoc - Hyperdoc means mapping symbols to documentation URIs for libraries as well
  • hyperspec-lookup - hyperspec-lookup is an ANSI Common Lisp library that gives the user an interface to mapping symbols to URLs for the Common Lisp Hyperspec and Common Lisp Object System (CLOS) MetaObject Protocol
  • incf-cl - (INCF CL) is a collection of utilities
  • LispDoc - LispDoc is a documentation tool (probably somewhat OpenMCL specific) that automatically generates HTML documentation for all symbols exported from one or more packages from their documentation strings
  • manifest - Manifest is a documentation tool for semi-automatically documenting Common Lisp packages as a set of web pages, using the toot web server
  • MGL-PAX - MGL-PAX is a documentation system, browser, generator
  • qbook - qbook
  • sb-texinfo - sb-texinfo was originally written for processing the SBCL docstrings by Rudi Sclatte in 2004, and has been maintained as part of SBCL since then
  • Staple - A tool to generate documentation about Lisp projects through an HTML template
  • tinaa - Tinaa is Not An Acronym
There is a fairly extensive review covering many of these tools:

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