Christophe is a Person, when he's not being a physicist, a musician or an arts administrator.

You may be interested in his homepage, or, since you're probably after some code, the page detailing his (limited) hacks.

Christophe is involved in cCLan as a stepping stone towards the LispOS replacement cirCLe; he was responsible for the SPARC/Linux support in SBCL, and is now one of the maintainers; projects beyond his SBCL-related ones include design of small utilities, and small tinkering on large projects. He claims that his lack of a surname and absence from YoungLispers is a historical accident.

Christophe spoke on SBCL design, implementation and future at the Libre Software Meeting 2002; the slides from his talk are available from his homepage; he keeps an infrequently-updated mostly-Lisp-related Weblog at Advogato.