1st European LISP and Scheme Workshop
The 1st European Lisp and Scheme Workshop has been held in Oslo, Norway, on June 13th, 2004. It was co-located with the ECOOP (European Conference on Object-Oriented Programming) 2004.

For more information visit http://p-cos.net/lisp-ecoop/cfp.htm or contact Pascal Costanza.

From the Call for Papers:

This one-day workshop will address the near-future role of Lisp-based languages in those and related areas. We want to solicit papers that discuss the opportunities Lisp provides to capture and enhance the possibilities in software engineering. We also want to promote lively discussion between researchers proposing new approaches and practitioners reporting on their experience with the strengths and limitations of current Lisp technologies.

The workshop is being organized by Pascal Costanza and Richard Gabriel, among others.

(There is a longer version of the section in an entry of John Wiseman's weblog (Lemonodor.com). Is this an earlier version?)

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