cl-net-snmp is an SNMP library for Common Lisp.

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Contact Chun Tian (binghe) if you need any help on using this package.


ironclad, usocket


* SNMP: core SNMP package

* LispWorks-UDP: UDP networking for LispWorks (merged into usocket 0.5)

* Usocket-UDP: UDP patch for USOCKET (merged into usocket 0.5)

* ASN.1: Standalone ASN.1 utility and compiler (merged into snmp 6.0)

Release History

* [2011-3-19] SNMP 6.0 (include ASN.1)

* [2008-11-16] SNMP_5.19, ASN.1_4.14, USOCKET-UDP_2.4

* [2008-10-28] SNMP_5.16, ASN.1_4.12, USOCKET-UDP_2.3

* [2008-9-24] SNMP_5.5, ASN.1_4.5, LispWorks-UDP_3.2, USOCKET-UDP_2.2

* [2008-9-8] SNMP_5.0, ASN.1_4.0, LispWorks-UDP_3.1, USOCKET-UDP_2.1

* [2008-7-21] SNMP_3.0, ASN.1_2.3, LispWorks-UDP_2.1, USOCKET-UDP_1.2

Topics: networking