Threads are a kind of concurrency.

  • Bordeaux-Threads - Bordeaux-Threads lets you write multi-threaded applications in a portable way
  • bt-semaphore - simple semaphores for bordeaux-threads
  • chanl - ChanL is a concurrency library built on top of bordeaux-threads that provides channels as thread-synchronisation primitives
  • cl-actors - A simple Common Lisp implementation of the actor model of concurrency
  • green-threads - GREEN-THREADS is a portable library implementing green threads (lightweight, cooperatively multitasked, user threads) in Common Lisp
  • patron - Patron is a multi-consumer/multi-producer thread pooling library written in Common Lisp with flexibility and performance in mind
  • Portable-Threads - Portable-threads is the GBBopen project's portable-thread code all packaged up for ASDF-Install
  • Q-THREAD-POOL - Q-THREAD-POOL is a very simple thread pool implementation based on JPL-QUEUES
  • sb-cpu-affinity - sb-cpu-affinity lets you set Linux scheduler CPU affinity masks from SBCL
  • thread-pool - thread-pool is library that allows asynchronous function execution from a static thread pool
  • threading-queue - threading-queue is a CL macro to distribute work on several threads, feeding the data via thread-safe-queues over several steps
  • Also, McCLIM provides a thread compatibility layer in the CLIM-SYS package.