Jean-Philippe Paradis
I, Jean-Philippe Paradis (Hexstream), am an obsessive Common Lisper with an overreaching (crippling?) NIH syndrome. I'm hoping to become a "next Edi Weitz" of sorts. Still got a long way to go, HAH!

Visit my website to know what I'm up to.

I have 15 quicklispable projects as of January 6 2013, with many, many more to come in the coming weeks, months and years. I'm sitting on a goldmine of undocumented projects that should rock pretty hard when I clean them up and document them, which I'm actively working on. I have 50+ projects in various states of (non-)completion, some of them quite elaborate and others just project stubs. You can spy on me as I work on these projects by visiting my worknotes. All of my projects are publicly accessible on my Github account.

I release all my new (and cleaned up) projects into the Public Domain for your enjoyment.