Things In The HTML Topic:

  • 3bmd - 3bmd is a Markdown to HTML converter
  • CL-HTML-DIFF - CL-HTML-DIFF is a library for generating a human-readable diff of two HTML documents, using HTML
  • cl-libxml2 - cl-libxml2 is high-level wrapper around libxml2 and libxslt libraries
  • closure-html - Closure-html is a portable HTML parsing library that understands malformed HTML
  • CLSS - CLSS is a DOM traversal/search engine using CSS selectors
  • - Max rottenkolber's HTML generator
  • html-encode - html-encode is a small library for encoding text in various HTML-savvy formats
  • html-entities - HTML-ENTITIES is a library for encoding and decoding (escaping and unescaping) special characters in HTML (or SGML or XML, whatever)
  • lQuery - lQuery is a DOM manipulation library inspired by and based on the jQuery syntax and functions
  • macro-html - MACRO-HTML is Max Rottenkolber's HTML generator
  • Plump - Practically Lenient and Unimpressive Markup Parser