Data compression in Common Lisp.

  • archive - ARCHIVE is a library for reading an writing disk-based file archives such as those generated by the 'tar' and 'cpio' programs on Unix
  • chipz - Chipz is a decompression library for decompressing DEFLATE (RFC 1951) data such as ZLIB (RFC 1950), GZIP (RFC 1952), as well as bzip2
  • cl-bzip2 - cl-bzip2 provides CFFI bindings for libbzip2, the bzip2 compression/decompression library
  • cl-z - cl-z is a set of CFFI bindings to the zlib compression library
  • cl-zlib - CL-ZLIB is a UFFI interface to the zlib compression library
  • deflate - Deflate by Pierre Mai is a Common Lisp implementation of Deflate (RFC 1951) decompression, with optional support for ZLIB-style (RFC 1950) and gzip-style (RFC 1952) wrappers of deflate streams
  • gzip-stream - gzip-stream is a simple wrapper around salza which gives CL users gzip compression and decompression in the form of streams (gzip-input-stream and gzip-output-stream)
  • Salza - If you're writing new code, you probably want to check out Salza2, which is a from-scratch reimplementation, and is much faster and simpler (and maintained).
  • Salza2 - Salza2 is a native Common Lisp compression library for creating data in the DEFLATE, ZLIB, or GZIP compression formats
  • thnappy - thnappy is a set of CFFI bindings to Google's snappy compression library
  • ZIP - ZIP is a Common Lisp compression library by David Lichteblau that reads and writes Zip files, using Salza for compression.
  • zlib - ZLIB is a compression format described by RFC1950