Common Lisp Music
is a Music synthesis and signal processing package in the Music V family. CLM has several sections: the "generators", instruments (definstrument and *.ins), examples of note lists (with-sound, *.clm), a "make" facility for sound files (with-mix), various functions that are useful in sound file work (sound-let, mix) and two way communication with snd an audio editor that uses guile as its scripting engine.

Common Lisp Music works in the following environments:

  • SGI with ACL, CMU-CL, or Clisp
  • Mac with MCL and MPW C
  • Sun with CLisp or CMUCL
  • Linux/LinuxPPC with ACL, CMUCL, or Clisp
  • Windows with ACL or Clisp
  • FreeBSD with Clisp
  • DEC Alpha with Clisp (no audio)
  • Mac OSX with Clisp or SBCL

It can be used in conjunction with Common Music and Common Music Notation. See the CLM home page at CCRMA for downloads and more information.

PJB: Well, I tried it on Linux/x86 with sbcl-0.8.7, cmucl-18e, clisp-2.33.2, and it worked with none. I'll nominate it for the #-folly trophee: 1280+ #+/#- for 24400 LOC, and 662 #+/#- on 998 LOC in one file!