Webthiteth: Websites with a Lisp

Webthiteth is a common lisp library for the generation of html, css and javascript. Its short term aim is to simplify the creation of websites for html experts who would prefer to use common lisp as the base language. Its long term aim is to provide a moderately complete implementation of the common lisp spec to javascript. The realization of this aim is through slow but steady additions to the compiler in the form of "I wrote this CL like I would have if it were on a server, and it should work the same when running in a browser, so I'll write that part of the compilation code."


  • lisp to html translation
  • some lisp to javascript translation
  • lisp to css translation
  • turnkey ajax
  • streaming ajax (long poll on IE9, multipart streaming on firefox)
  • simple http server (is this even a feature? probably more of a bug)

See http://webthiteth.com for more information.