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The introduction example

You can get a first idea about the usage of ucw in the samples collection. However there isn't a somewhat realistic example in my eyes. So here we go.

The example I want to use to introduce you to ucw is the following

  1. a user comes to our site and wants to download some software
  2. we are curious about him and want to learn his name and also how often he has come to download stuff from our pages
  3. after he has let us know his name we redirect him to the download locations
  4. it should not be possible for him/her to reach the pages without giving us some name (even if it's garbage)

It seems nowaday most web-pages are backed up by some Database. One extracts Data from there, displays them, allows the user to edit them (or delete) them and then you store them back. So I think a real example should contain this access also. To be able to follow this example yourself you therefor have to install quite a bunch of things - cl-sql - ucw and all dependencies - a database (I will use PostgreSQL - an ucw-supported Webserver (I will use Apache, you can use the web server which comes along with ucw also.

I will use SBCL as my common lisp, however I have tried the package also with LispWorks, but of course I can not guarantee it will work with your Common lisp implementation choice.

If you do not get all this things installed, feel free to contact me and I try to help.

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