EQL is Embedded Qt Lisp, a Qt4/Qt5 GUI library binding embedded in ECL. It features no external dependencies (Lisp/C++ libraries/parsers, that is, the binding is fully self-contained), supports overriding virtual Qt functions, translations (Qt Linguist), and loading UI files (Qt Designer).

Additionally, it can easily be embedded in Qt4/C++ applications.

Optionally it can also be used from any CL through a local server.

Hosted on GitLab, see Repo, Wiki

There is also a Qt5 version, see: Repo, Wiki; worthwhile to mention is the integration with QML, including some interesting examples, as Lisp and QML play very nice together.

There is also an android port of it, which works with both QML and traditional QWidgets, see EQL5-Android.

License: MIT