LispCMS is a web framework, built on top of mod_lisp and cl-who. Despite the name, LispCMS is not meant to be a Content Management System, although it should be easier to create one with it. It is meant to be as helpful as possible to web developers, without forcing some model on them. It can thus best be thought of as a page serving base + a library.

LispCMS is about things like a virtual file system, sessions, users, an admin interface, and easy form making. See the docs for examples.

Although the main website is in Dutch, the code and docs are in English.

Currently, it only runs on CMUCL, but most of the code is written portably.

There is a download page with tarballs, .debs, and (for non-linuxers) a livecd.

Evaluation, 20100901

A very brief assessment of all web frameworks listed in cliki was carried out in September 2010. This assessment comprised: check websites, download source if available, attempt to compile, review documentation.

The review found that, to quote the web site, 'Het project is nog wel even in alfa-fase' (it's still in alpha phase).