Changes in June 2000

Wed June 28

Tue June 27

  • Example of loading foreign code added to mk-defsystem page

Mon June 26

  • Added link to the GNU/Linux AI & Alife HOWTO on the AI topic page
  • MatLisp page -- added info on the project history and the status of the CLISP port

Sat June 24

Fri June 23

Thu June 22

Mon June 19

  • mk-defsystem page -- fixed information and removed pointers to non-official repository site.
  • MaiSQL page -- fixed some typos or omissions, and added URL to it's home page.

Sat June 17

Fri June 16

  • BRL page -- added note about the opportunity of adding the BRL page

Thu June 15

  • CORBA page -- removed unnecessary topic markers; added OMG link
  • index page -- added link to AI
  • AI page created
  • ACL2 page created
  • BRL page added
  • Zebu page updated, link to mk-defsystem files added

Wed June 14

  • TODO List -- removed much stuff that I either did or don't intend to do
  • Uncategorized page -- link to Zebu, more suggestions for categorizing
  • Zebu page created
  • Simple 3D viewing page -- Replaced unnecessary topic markers with internal links

Mon June 12

Sun June 11

Sat June 10

  • BINARY-TYPES page -- removed note asking which page should add a link here (it has been made obsolete by the Uncategorized page)

Fri June 9

Thu June 8

  • clg page updated for 0.51 and Glade
  • PLOB! page -- pointer to POSTORE licensing issues
  • Gtk page created

Wed June 7

  • Skeletal GCL page

Tue June 6

  • CLiki: links to download the source code and content
  • mk-defsystem: added categories and link to patch for SBCL

Mon June 5

  • CMUCL additions - temporary location of new web site, and link to Peter Van Eynde's page describing his beta versions.

Sat June 3

  • LIJOS - access the Java Object Serialization protocol in Lisp. Although not freely - that was an error

Fri June 2