Basically a port of JUnit to Common Lisp, probably deprecated in favor of xlunit. Yet another Test Framework.

Source and Documentation are available.

On the deprecated status,

xlunit does say it's based on JUnit, XPTest, and clos-unit, and it seems a bit more complete, polished, and recent. I tend to agree with Andrew [who made the original comment here, 2005-02-01] -- Larry Clapp on ALU Wiki

In case they're of use to others, I share a few notes I made. Take them with a pinch of salt though 'cos I'm new to Lisp and hoping to rush through several libs this evening.

  • explicitly modelled on JUnit, docs include an analysis of how and why it differs
  • defines CLOS class test-case, subclass of test; subclass this to place your test methods
  • defines test-suite, subclass of test, so you can make nesting test trees
  • supports set-up and tear-down in the normal way
  • the addition of a test method causes it to be run as well as being added to the relevant suite, for your code-and-run convenience