ASDF-Install-Tester Organization
ASDF-Install-tester provides a tool to test all of the ASDF-Installable packages on the CLiki. It does presuppose, however, that volunteers are around to run the tests the Lisps and Operating systems about which we care. This page is a place that people can volunteer their time so that we can get good test coverage. You may also want to look at ASDF-Install-Tester Bugs and ASDF-Install-Tester How-to.

Make sure ASDF-Install-Tester runs everywhere

  • Gary King will make sure it runs on OS X in SBCL, Allegro and OpenMCL

Run ASDF-Install-Tester regularly (monthly?)

  • Gary King will run ASDF-Install-Tester on OS X for SBCL, Allegro and OpenMCL